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Radar & MM

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Though it is inevitable that inequality in team compositions will arise, some extreme cases like this must be noted.

As we all know, most objectives in domination are contested by destroyers. The natural counter for destroyers is of course radar. What about this instance? 6 radars vs 0.

The battle was hardly contested however I believe this reflects a much deeper issue. How could this be allowed to happen? Surely it wouldn't be so difficult to balance the number of radar ships on each team through a simple input to the matchmaker. It's already 2018 and MM is still plagued by issues. Many are fundamentally difficult to resolve however cases like these could and should be addressed by now.

WG please fix.

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It is 6 v1 , you can bring a radar which is a potential :Smile_sceptic:

Then again , you could always hope for the enemy not knowing for the ping sound and how to use or even equip that :cap_cool:

Im not going to retort about disparity about radars , but deal with it and set up a mass demonstration if you want to get anything done about it.

Wait till you see :

3 Misery vs 3 Iowa

+ 2 Chapa vs 2 Kutuzov

+ Indianapolis , Atlanta vs Pensacola

THE MM LOVE to match same ship in same team FOR the same nationality requirement.

This is caused by MM trying to match same nation and balance tier weights while NOT caring exact ship distribution.

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Yeah had one today with 1v5 radar, I really felt sorry for our DDs...

Best you can do if/until they fix it is turtle and focus the radar CL/As in key spots.

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