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Dealing with Saipan

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Alright after having my head smashed multiple time against salty waters , I came to certain conclusion on how to deal with this machine


Case 1 Noob Saipan

Well yes its true that a noob of today is alpha of tom . But lets talk about today ie with noob you should not have any problems because he simply lacks the capacity and effectiveness to strafe your lovely butterflies . Noob will simply lack the efficiency of doing any alarming damage given his small squads can be overwhelmed easy .


Case 2 Alpha Saipan

"YO! he came from nowhere, he rekt my *** out . Massive OP ******!@#!@#!@ of !@#$!@#!@" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Sounds familiar to you ?


This is the situation I found myself in most of the time . And I came to realize when I am against alpha saipan , just forget targeting bbs or dds or cruisers in the first place . What I must look out is for the Saipan itself . Like Independence , she gets detected more easily from the air than from the surface and her Lousy rudder shift time makes it painful to dodge your torps .So  You have to just  make sure your 1st if not first then 2nd Alpha strikes agaisnt Saipan must be successful at all costs (Within first 5-6 min of game). Instead of fighting his fighters head on , use your fighters to escort your all of TBs and DBs at the same time maintaining distance and avoiding any direct encounters with saipans fighters. Keep a sharp eye on saipan fighters in minimap . Remember this strategy implies that your own fighters and atleast one DB squad is just a scapegoat .

We are well aware that enemy cv is always located somewhere along those squares at 12 oclock . You must always manage to have and make sure your attacking squads stay in air for first 2 min and at the same time slowly start moving your fighters closer to your Attack squads . When you spot saipan and get close enough , its obvious thatby this time  saipan fighters will have you detected and try to strafe your attack squads , this is why I told you to also move your fighter squads closer to your attacking squads from other direction. You should then make certain adjustments (Now what these adjustments are depends on the situation and you will know it better ) using your 1 tb and all of fighter squads to protect your attacking squad . If you do everything good and all goes well  you can have saipan *** up good within first 5 min itself . Remember to make quick adjustments .

I found this strategy to work for me  far more effectively then to just bait fighters and hunt bbs or dds in the first place . Because you see saipan got only 3 to 4 fighters so its spawning time is too short for you to maek another effective strike on bbs . Once saipan is rekt its easy af to pwn remaining ships .


These are my individual observances and what works for one may not work for all given we all are individuals. but still thought I must share this with you guys.

Good day uwu





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