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How to Ranger

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Coming from the Independence, I recently bought the Ranger and I must say It feels a lot different than the Independence. For one, the huge hangar size surprised me a lot. At first, I was excited to have a larger hangar size, but it makes me think if I should play more aggressively since I have a lot of reserve planes. Then came to having to manage an additional squadron, makes it a little more challenging to control 2 Dive Bombers, and this brings me to another question. Should I attack with 2 Dive Bombers altogether, or is it better to distribute the strike and use the other bomber to attack another ship. One thing I noticed is the inaccuracy of the bombs. Even a manual drop only assured 1-2 hits. I swear, when I use the Independence Dive Bombers, i get more than 2 hits when I attack BBs.

Some advise on handling high tier CVs would be appreciated a lot. Also how does the Ranger fare against the Hiryu, and maybe Kaga and Saipan. I'd like to know as much information on strategies and playstyles one should do in their Ranger and high tier CV play in general.

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Ranger best played with someone whom you division with Atlanta Dfault...

I mean now USN Lines are crappy before Loadout change... 202 being gone.


For now as for 1 1 2 Loadout, when fighting against other planes its best use your Fighter as bait to your allied ship with Stronk aa and dont let him get away when engaging Auto attack.

When you sees a full strike group, your FT is extremely powerful ( especially 7 when Air Supremacy Skills Level 4 ) you have to line up properly in strafe attack in order to have easy Plane Kill Ribbon bars.

2 Dive bombers is best used against CV. Saipan for example is going to feel in between 21 k - 25 k  But even though you missed a few , at least you still score 10k - 12k. 

for Torp bomber, use it to scare of make DD cower in fear.


But then again USN CV is so borkenly weak that 2 0 2 is gone a IJN CV 3 1 2 Hiryu will rekt you.

Transition to Essex if you can or Jump yourself to IJN CV.

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the playstyle not different from indi, only right now you got bonus 1 group DB and vs premium wall and 2-3 fighters groups...
you plane hangar is large but the fact is you only have few fighters in reserve...
try to not losing fighters to often, and learn how to bait and strafe....


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