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A way to introduce pre-ww1 ships and close-range gunplay

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post, but I've been playing the game off and on for awhile now. There are things I really like about it, and things I'm not so fond of. For this post though I wanted to talk a little about what I would really like to see more of, and it's a little of an odd request.

I totally dig the low tier ships.

I know, I know, that sounds silly right? Hear me out for a moment though.

The thing you get with the lower tiers is a really gunnery focused, old timey, close ranged brawl. Even the DD's and such in tiers 1-4 are kinda short ranged and less torp-tastic then the higher tiered ones. Lower levels tend to have less skill, true, but you get a unique gameplay experience compared to the higher leveled matches.

I pretty much never have my ship just one shotted when I'm playing tier 3-4 for example.

Add to that the fact that the lower tiered ships tend to be earlier designs (WW1 and before) and thus have a certain “charm” to their look and feel (which I personally enjoy,) and you actually open up a whole new avenue of history to explore.

What I'm suggesting is pretty weird, but heck, I might as well dream big.

What if we started a new line of pre-ww1 ships that people could play independently of the main ship lines?

In essence, we could have, I don't know four or five tiers of really old ships that you could grind separate from the main lines, or maybe just in addition to. Sorta like how the branches work now except these old ships can only be played against each other and, I don't know, generate more free xp or something.

Let's look at what you could do with such an idea:

-You could introduce some of the older and more gnarly ship designs.
-You could introduce a new blend of gameplay for mare variety
-You could introduce new mechanics such as adding small AI gunships that operate alongside their bigger ironclad companions.
-New players could get a better feel for the close range combat.
-It could make grinding less tedious if the old ships contributed exp to their “sister” ship-lines or something.

So what do you guys think?

Before anyone says anything, yes I know that the odds of the dev's reading this idea and implenting anything even CLOSE to what I suggest are like a billion to one, but still it's fun to dream :-)

Thanks for reading!


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WG tried this with the Mikasa, but with a twenty minute time limit and the fact that WoWs is generally a speed based game, pre dreadnoughts that travel slower than glaciers just don't work that well.

Most pre dreadnaughts were either squat, slow with two main turrets with fleet tactics based on the weather gauge, or lighter ships with multiple guns designed for coastal bombardment.

And AI gunships, you mean having bots sitting just off of players ships, which are more likely to shoot their own team than the enemy. That sounds wonderful.

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well in Jutland, British try to keep those old timey Battleline around 14000 yards from germans. thats around 13km

at T4-T6, thats almost prefered engagement range

even earlier combat like battle of Yellow sea or Tsuhima, they open fire from around 10-12km


seeing how low tier secondaries have like..........................2km range before open fire

the era fit in your brawling would be the age of sail lol

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