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Perm Camo in Inventory

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With all the events and campaigns over the past year, I have many perm camoes for ships that I don't have and I'm not going to get. It's really cluttering up my inventory tab. 

Here's my suggestion,

1. Let us have the ability to trade the camo for ships that we don't have (if you have the ship, it doesn't work) for another perm camo for ships at lower tiers.  Not even tier for tier trading.  Example, I have a hood camo and I'm not getting it, so it would be possible for me to trade for a T6 camo or T3 camo for a ship that I have in port.

2. If the first is not possible, then let us trade for some camo that are not perm, but cost doubloons.  The higher the tier you trade the better the camo you get, but it is still a bad trade for the player.  It "costs" more to trade the perm camo for the single use camo.  It should be 100 camoes a trade. 

3. If you have the ship in port, you can't trade the camo until you sell the ship and the old economics of selling the ship with perm camo happens.  



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I would love to have the ability to sell permanent camos, although I doubt WG will allow them to be sold for doubloons.

That being said I will happily sell them for credits as well, just to clear up my inventory clutter.

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