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Hi All,


Just a quick question regarding manual drops on CV's.


I have been trying to practice these in Co-op games, the biggest problems I find are

A/ Co-op games move to fast and are over to quick, this cant be helped, and does help to test skill, so no prob.

B/ I have a hard time seeing or "picking up" the small icon to move or adjust my manual drops. Part of this is my eyes aren't the best any more.


 I'm sure I'm not the only one having this trouble??

I have looked in settings, but cant find any way to adjust this, please correct me if I didn't find it. ( my PC and monitor are pretty good, so fairly sure its not that, I run almost all setting maxed with good framerates etc)

Failing that, are there any mods available that can improve the visibility and make it easier to use?.


It would be really handy to able to change the colour and maybe make it slightly bigger than it is.


Thanks all.

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