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Optimising ping

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I just thought I would share some of my experiences in case it might help anyone who is trying to optimise their ping.

Client based. I run a traffic shaping app on my PC (I have a Gigabyte MB so cFos Speed is free from Gigabyte). This is especially useful if you want to stream music while you're playing or just run any other background network traffic because it can prioritise your game traffic. I find this adds 0 overhead to the ping. I can even stream videos and it won't interrupt the game.

Cloud based. I have tried WTFast a few times and generally speaking I find it adds additional lag and therefor is not worth using. The exception to this was when the SEA cables were damaged and traffic was being routed all over the place. In that instance a one month subscription to WTFast reduced my ping. IIRC from like 300ms - 500ms unstable to something like 170ms stable. Oddly enough after using WTFast once to create the optimized route it appeared I didn't need to run WTFast ever again. It stayed at the stable times after that for another 50 days or so. (moar cons-piracy)

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