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Incoming guaranteed WoWS framerate drops soon, for all players with Intel CPUs + nVidia GPUs

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What the hell is this thread..... The title is incredibly misleading and is wrong about the GPU part. Please don't tell me there's AMD fanboys here as well.

Spectre and Meltdown patches does not affect normal users' experience too much, if any at all. Normal users being gamers, normal day browsing. Its mostly just Placebo effect.

There is less than 5% performance loss for normal usage.

Also, it doesn't affect GPU at all, whether Nvidia or Radeon (AMD).

The main thing users may notice is a lower score in things like Cinebench or a lower "theoretical" performance of SSDs (unless you are a content creator or some sort I doubt this affect you as well).

HardwareUnboxed made some good benchmark videos on this:

The only thing that is significantly affected is M.2 SSDs - but I doubt you will notice it too much as M.2 is still extremely fast for what it is.

There is absolutely no need to panic for those with Intel CPUs. Your 6/7/8th gen Intel CPU are still the best gaming CPU out there. Those with Haswell, Ivy/Sandy Bridge doesnt really need to worry either, although whether manufactures will update your Motherboard's BIOS is to fix the issue is another matter.

Obviously, for those with AMD system, as in Ryzen 1th gen, or may god helps you, FX-series (which DO NOT BUY THEM in any price, please) - you should be fine.

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If had of took the time to look at the original post date you wold have noticed that the thread was started about the time of the first announcements before people really knew what was going on,and now we are just seeing what the actual performance issues are.Which appears to be not much.

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On ‎05‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 10:39 AM, devil667 said:

Most games are GPU bound yes, where it shouldn't be an issue at all!! But don't forget this is Wargaming, when it comes to optimization they are literally the lawrence of incompetence. As I was trying to uphold earlier, for some reason this game does dump significant load on CPU instead of the GPU, thus some people might experience increase low 1% framerates or more frequent drops/instability.

World of Tanks has recently introduced an improved engine called ENCORE which is still under testing. This uses 2 cores instead of one and should eliminate any current bottlenecks due to reliance on a single processor core.  We need to group together to push for the same improvement to be extended to W of Warships which would benefit much more than W of Tanks, the latter being a less demanding game for the CPU.  

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