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CV squad's take-off order

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Once CV squad's take-off order is set,it can't be changed,also the take-off order can't be cancelled,but this has a problem:

For example I'm using Midway,1 FT Squad taking off,the 2nd is another FT squad,3rd,4th is DB,5th,6th is TB.However if suddenly there's enemy DD nearby,I would desperately hope the 2nd squad taking off is TB rather than FT,but this can't change.

Also if the nearby enemy ship is using DFAA and there's a DB squad waiting to take off,I would hope I can cancel it,until enemy DFAA off.

So can this be fixed?

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On 1/6/2018 at 5:04 PM, Admiral_Knackers said:

Great tip - thanks

Although it seems they break this from time to time. Atm it seems it isn't working again.

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