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Critical Hits

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im just wondering if there is critical hits similar to ammorack like in wot where u do more damage than your shells or torpedoes could possibly do?

im still wondering how my full health myogi (tier 4 battleship) got killed by a torpedo plane..

full health myogi have 45700hp

torpedo plane causes 5900 maximum damage

now im not sure exactly if maximum damage mean a single squadron does 5900 damage or a single torpedo from a torpedo plan does 5900 damage..

so lets take the worst case scenario that 1 torpedo does 5900 damage..

and there are 6 torpedo planes in a squadron..

and i got hit by all 6 and all of it does maximum damage

that would mean 35,400 damage

that means i should have 10300 hp left right?


unless it was a critical hit that i am not aware of like my engine blew up or my ammo storage blew up or instant sink because of too many holes in my ship

so is there? can someone explain?


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Firstly, read this.


Your ships have certain armored locations, extending below each gun turret, and then joined to a section in the middle of your ship where the boilers, command and control, etc are. If any shell or torpedo penetrates those sections, it's going to do massive damage to your ships.


To see this in action, watch this video:


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