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ST French BB sigma nerfed

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No one seem to have posted this yet. All French multi barrel-ism BBs in ST stage get nerfed.

Normandie (12 guns) 1.8>1.6 (first time ever see a 1.6 sigma)

Lyon (16 guns) 1.8>1.5 (Fuso and NM are 1.5)

Alsace (12 guns) 2.0>1.7 (Dunkerque and Kii are 1.7)

It seem to be a pretty bad nerf, but do they deserve it?

But please do not jump into conclusion right away. Accuracy of a ship is determined by three factors* and sigma is just one of them. Excessive ranting can cause us to lose great stuff. We lost DoY as a truly competent, fun to play and unique free premium and got a half baked stupid overnerfed replica because the forum ranted "BB mustve meh heal!!!!"

*sigma (which determines how tight the shells would usually fly within the dispersion pattern) horizontal pattern and vertical pattern. Datamine suggests that MN BBs up to Lyon has rather normal pattern and Richelieu to France have incredibly tight (for a BB). But as recent ST ships all have similarly tight pattern (Musashi DoY Salem, all replica but all far tighter than their counterparts.) I suspect WG used a special formula for ST ships to hide their true dispersion value.(or maybe not?)

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