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An idea for a more enjoyable ranked experience for all skill levels

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Ranked can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very grindy, and often quite frustrating.  For the average and below average players who also want to play ranked, they often feel they are getting absolutely nowhere and this causes them to give up eventually.  I've heard of quite a few people actually quitting the game for a while after an unsuccessful (or even successful!) ranked season.  This isn't good for players, and it isn't good for WG either!

To make for the best chance of an enjoyable ranked season for all, I would suggest an alternate method of ranked.  The idea is obviously to rank players from the most skilled to least, and ranked at the moment isn't actually great at this, given many skilled players give up early because they can't be bothered, and some lesser skilled players grind out many hundreds of battles to reach rank 1.

So I suggest a fixed number of battles, let's say 150 (although clearly it could be whatever number WG deems reasonable, probably from 100-200, it could even be in a range of battles rather than a specific number).  You do your 150 for the season, and then you are unable to do anymore (although they should put in a similar concept to the rank 1 'Sea Wolves' battles based on ranking once you have done your 150).

The 150 are not match made by skill.  You are given a rating based on your performance in your 150 battles (things like win rate, XP gained, caps taken, spotting damage, damage, ships sunk etc could be taken into account - it's essentially a much more advanced WTR type rating).  This could even be calculated differently based on ship type.

At the end of the season everyone is put on a ladder from best to worst rating - the top few % get rank 1, all the way down to the last few percent getting rank 25 or so.  You get your rewards based on your final ranking.

The total battle limit means people don't feel like they have to grind forever, and they have an end goal in sight.  I honestly think this would be a much more enjoyable and satisfying system for all.

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