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Frustrated US CV Player

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I have been trying to master playing the Lexington; things were ok when I could choose the load out, I could play to the strength of the loadout; now we cannot.

But can someone please point me to a good link where I can learn what tactics to employ when I am up against the Shokaku or Enterprise?


WoWS seems to think the larger number of total planes is "balance", but in this game, it is moot. A small squadron of half the size of the Lex FTs can pin down the FTs, leaving attack AC open to attack or the fleet w/o AC. The flexibility of smaller squadrons is a MUCH greater advantage that are total numbers of AC.

As the Lex is out-squadroned 2-to1, the Lex player cannot control the skies, spot, or attack without either leaving the fleet without air cover (Which is moot anyway if the other player brings in two squadrons of FTs); or having my attack planes be mercilessly slaughtered; most ships, even DDs at this level, have respectable, if not impossible AA fire to endure!

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