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HMAS Sydney (D48)

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I dunno if its in the bit but there are some engagements that make you go "dafuq bro" in most cases like how Renown and her retinue of destroyers forcing the Scharnhorst Twins to run like lil children off Lofoten, how Gneisenau managed to ninja right under Rodney's nose or Graf Spee scuttling because of the threat of a bigger force that was to greet her when she attempted to ninja vanish, but one particular yet should be still in hot water was of the light cruiser Sydney dying from a pirate that also had to scuttle because she was so messed up by said light cruiser retaliating. I have no idea if Sydney going over is a sensitive subject for AU guys but got interested in it after trying to find British heavy cruiser plans.








Well, if anything, this thing was one of the modified Leanders as people have seen on Perth so she roughly has the same sort of bits all Leanders had as well as the modified ones so she's not exactly a unique thing to behold, but boy did she serve, and well at that. 




They also can into seasoned skills after the Med


Originally named Phaeton, the Australians were at the time wanting to grab some new ships from the UK and got Phaeton, which was still in the slipway and already had a keel and a solid hull, to roll with the RAN and got renamed as Sydney (to be fair, the AU skubs DID get that weird looking but overall effective battlecruiser at one point in WW1) and after shakedown, served with them and she should have had friction in the Australian government because she be a Brit ship instead of building a ship keel up in their own slipways despite the fact they actually managed to grab a light cruiser nearly finished and not like having the Crown go "you need cruisers? k we'll let you have this slightly battle hardened ship. no worries, right?" this time around.


The cruiser had the basic gist aboard: protected with nearly 2 inches of belt and plating, a 3 inch protective walling for the squishy bits like engines and magazines, and was armed with 6 inch guns in AB-XY dual configuration, a bunch of 100mm guns, some HMG's and GPMG's for close-in AA and could run at nearly 33 knots. If anything, she's a Leander on slight hax but a Leander nonetheless.




I could have sworn there was a model for Sydney once and not just a Perth colored to look like Sydney...


Well after shakedown, she had some peaceful runs and hair raising suspense with the Royal Navy but her crew and officers are all Australian now and she was with her heavy cruiser colleague HMAS Australia of the County class and then finally went to Australia for port calls and training sailors on how to cruiser. When WarDec happened, she was going on patrols, joined heavy cruisers on trying to find Graf Spee, had the occasional repairs and resupply and went back to sentry duty by patrolling and was also peeled off for convoy escort a couple of times when she was asked to go to the Mediterranean via the Suez along with other ships, and was usually sticking as part of the unit where Warspite is after linking up with the 'Scrap Iron Flotilla'  because Sir Cunningham wanted her close by (candidate for Legendary Commander plox). Had a lot of action there from blasting ports, escorting units, playing tag with Italian ships and got a 'mild' hit near the forward funnel during Cape Spada and more sea stalking apart from rescuing sailors which also got her snagged with full honors "Mediterranean" and left with a really gritty crew after their cruise in the sun compounded with gunfire, plane and fast craft spam, and orders being shoved down their throats.




How to light cruiser Australian style.


She went home in order to spread the grit of veterancy as well as resume to sentry duty since Perth was taking over for her and to accumulate manly experience for the sailors when she encountered...




... her. Auxilliary cruiser Kormoran.


Now as you know, the Axis navies, most notably the German Kriegsmarine, had adopted commerce raiding as a form of harassing attack and hoped to starve out vital stuff needed for the war effort, and while u-boats were playing pin the depth charge on the Atlantic, there are the really ninja surface ships like Kormoran which had guns hidden in the hull so that they could yell out "SURPRISE, DUMMKOPF!" at any unsuspecting enemy or a merch ship. Now blasting unarmed merch or civvy ships is against the rules and may constitute to war crime, there's a sort of loophole in regards to armed merch ships, however Kormoran was aggressively using that loophole... and Sydney got trolled so bad its not even funny. Note that perfidy got a nasty no-no in the Hague on how to war but pirates didnt give a shit about what was in or what was not... to a degree. Perfidy is bad, mmkay? It makes you look like an untrustworthy asshat who would turn on friends on a drop of a hat.




piracy like a battleship appearing over the horizon and shooting you is one thing, getting close enough to blast a target while disguising as a civvy is another




K in signal flags. Raise it when hailing another vessel if you want to establish comms with em.


Sydney was asking for ID and the unknown vessel responded as the Dutch Straat Malaka as Kormoran attempted to ninja vanish away from the light cruiser and even tried to delay comms by feigning confusion by raising flags, but when the light cruiser was getting too curious and too close as the alleged Dutch freighter was unable to give out a secret signal, she removed her protective covers on her guns below the hull and suddenly blasted Sydney. For all its worth Sydney was whacked considerably when she was attempting to run but was fruitless as the cruiser sank afterwards as she did peel off while Kormoran, which was also damaged from that because Sydney retaliated when she was blasted upon, had to scuttle after that engagement... and what happened afterwards contained copious amounts of derp, rage, questions of 'why's and 'how's and dawning of the threat of such pirates operating in territorial waters. They found the German survivors of Kormoran and grilled them so hard with questions on whatever the hell happened to Sydney and they could only run with the fact they just told them they blasted the living shit out of the light cruiser first, and it blasted THEM in turn as it disappeared over the horizon after their ship was also messed up. The derp being "omg Japan was in it" and some weirdly absurd conspiracy theories on how the ship sank.




They finally found where Sydney was after a long while...




... and based on the testaments on the German sailors, it wasnt that far off.


They tried to find the ships back then but to no avail until a dedicated team found em, and the light cruiser had shown where the Kormoran's guns hit and it was not a pretty sight, although it did solidify some theories on why Sydney sank.


In-game wise, Perth is basically the rep for the modified Leanders so I find no sound reason to place Sydney in the same tier but if what-if's were present, then Sydney should NOT have the same smoke screen behavior as Perth and have her guns reload at 6s with the same ergonomics as Perth but with better range of 14km


Derp.exe has crashed.

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Good Job on the report here, Being Australian and having served in the navy its a story very familiar to me. 

But further to it, when they found the sunken remains of Sydney it started off a whole new adventure with the story. This is unconfirmed, but apparently one of the surviving members  of the Kormoran was re-questioned decades later about the incident, and it came to light that possibly the Kormoran was firing whilst a white flag (Truce/Surrender and for the pirates "Parley") was flying high,  Hence the reasoning of why the Sydney was lured in so close without firing.

Now unfortunately, we cant confirm this  as there we no survivors from the crew of Sydney, and from the survivors of kormoran, due to impact this memory has had on his life, only the one came forward decades later to admit it, but the others still deny it.

Food for thought!

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