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[GUIDE] Old Sound Mod -> New Sound Mod Converter

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In this topic I present to you a small program: Old Sound Mod Converter.

The program is designed to convert old sound modifications of the game, the structure of which looked like this:



The way of working with the converter is quite simple.

There are two files in the mod_converter folder:

mods_converter.exe and run.cmd


Open the run.cmd file with any text editor (for example, "Notepad")

1. In the @SET GAME_DIR = line, specify the location where you have the WoWS game client installed. For example: @SET GAME_DIR = "D: \ Games \ World_of_Warships"

2. In the line @SET MOD_DIR = specify the location where you have the old sound modification. For example: @SET MOD_DIR = "D: \ myMods \ SuperSoudnMod"

3. In the line @SET OUTPUT_DIR = specify the location where the result will be converted. For example: @SET OUTPUT_DIR = "D: \ Games \ World_of_Warships_RU \ res \ banks \ mods" Save and close the editor.

@REM game folder
@SET GAME_DIR="D:\Games\World_of_Warships"

@REM old modification folder: (in the old_mod directory should be "Voice" directory)
@SET MOD_DIR="D:\myMods\SuperSoudnMod"

@REM output folder: mod will be generated there
@SET OUTPUT_DIR=""D:\Games\World_of_Warships_RU\res\banks\mods"

@mods_converter %GAME_DIR% %MOD_DIR% %OUTPUT_DIR%


Run run.cmd.


Mod will be converted to a new format and will look like this:



The modification will work correctly both from the directory ... \ res \ banks \ mods, and from the directory ... \ res_mods \ \ banks \ mods


Good luck and have fun!

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