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Custom Nameplate or Ship Number on your Regular or Premium Ship for Doubloons.

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I thought of suggestion for your own Exterior SHIPS with custom Nameplate or Number for yourself suits in needs. So i thought i can make a price for Tiers to tiers.

I.E : POI SHIP , Ship number 1 - 1000 , White Flag Battleship , DESTROYER


But for certain specific ship you MAY or MAY NOT use the ship prefix code if you want to but only specific faction :

Uppercase and Lowercase Letters is acceptable.

I.E Ship Prefix Code

USN : USS Trump Wall , Hamburger , Murica

UK : HMS Tea & Scone , London , Big Ben , Queen

IJN : HIJMS or IJN BANZAI!  Katana , Anime

AUS : HMAS Vegemite , Kangaroo , Funnel-Web

KM : SMS , DKM or KMS Bratwurst , Oktoberfest

PL : ORP B.J Blazkowicz , Terror Billy

MN : Theres no Prefix only that time OF exist but its for Poland based. FS is still new so theres no Prefix for Marine Nationale.

RM : RN Pizzeria , Pasta .

SN : HIRMS ( But that is only for Imperial Russian Days but still viable Prefix )

PA : This is a very long story question for me to say, there's a-lot of Asian ships with prefix...


Warning :

Violation for the Inappropriate or Offensive name will be deleted immediately ( you lose Doubloons of course ) and you will be warned via email or in-game!


Price Suggestions :

T1 : 5 Doubloons

T2 : 10 Doubloons

T3 : 15 Doubloons

T4 : 20 Doubloons

T5 : 25 Doubloons

T6 : 30 Doubloons

T7 : 35 Doubloons

T8 : 40 Doubloons

T9 : 45 Doubloons

T10 : 50 Doubloons


Like those examples :



In Conclusion like WOT now that allows you to color tank. Why not wows as well for well adding Custom nameplate or ship number for yourself.




Leave your comments or answers. Critiques are accepted.

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