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the Normandie battleship

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I can't draw worth a damn so I'll just badpost like an idiot because honestly, the damn dread piqued my interest due to the contest so plis gibe Roma  _(:3」∠)_


loljk, but really, the battleship piqued interest since the design is sort of 'atypical' of 'standard' dread design like Queen Liz, New Mexico or Bayern (Fuso dont count because she took a different approach on how to dread)




Now in response to the French being mocked as having a 'piss poor navy' and 'lolships', it should be known they did had a boner for naval bits and they did had a formidable navy, and when HMS Dreadnought came in, the scramble to who can be gud@dreads started happening with them stroking said boners so furiously that we may only have a glimpse on what in flying hell they pulled out of the brainstorm in front of the design table that were practical and feasible and not just a wet dream of a designer striving to make the Marine Nationale OP. Well... to the French, they were more worried about the guys over at the Albion sipping tea like the magnificent bastards that they are secretly since GLORIOUS BATTLESHIPS can into their coast at any given time and that would simply not do... and add Italy deciding to stroke their navyboner furiously as well brought it a necessity to git gud in regards to battleships, one of which was this lumpy dread.






Because dreads will be dreads, even if you give them a "what-if" fit. EXCEPT GIULIO CESARE. Old gal got a facelift that compares her to a post-dread. Rollo would shed manly tears at this.


For starters, the preceding Bretagne were considered really reasonable for French dreads in terms of built and in the day but as the dread race started to pick up, even France wanted to update its capital ship list and so decided to go to drawing plenty of "what-if's" in regards to battleship, and one must say, they had some of the most interesting yet strange designs.




Here's one of the proposals...




and here's another.


Honestly, midships turret is just lol on a dread. Now sure its practically a solid idea to bring more guns to bear but the space for that should be best used for new boilers and engines. The Italians who had midship turrets due to their AB-P-XY dreads like the Conte di Cavour and Andrea Doria had it removed because it was, basically, a rather inconvenient thing and they could cram better hax with all that space.


That aside, it was already in the works that they were to keel the things to augment their navy with better battleships and so had worked on the class, the first one being Normandie herself, followed by her sisters Flandre, Gascogne, Languedoc and Bearn. Well, Bearn wasnt exactly a battleship when she was finished and was reformatted to a carrier halfway without receiving her fit, and this is saying much that the Normandie didnt even serve and were scrapped afterwards because the French economy was still weak and fielding a crapton of battleships costs upkeep that burns the national treasury and nobody wants another ragequit that leads to revolution, now do they?


Normandie had an impressive 12 inch belt, 13 inches of turret, a reasonable deck whose thickness I forgot and 13 inches for the conning tower. The offensive assets slated were a dozen 340mm guns in three quad turrets on the A-P-X layout, some 139mm secondaries, Hotchkiss 47mm guns for its AA suite and 18 inch submerged torpedo tubes because dreads back then had em. The lumpy dread could be able run at 21-22 knots so its by all means very reasonable. Oh and Bearn had improved shafts and number of screws which meant 4 of the things instead of the usual three. Hooray, I guess?


About the guns... yeeeah...


Since the damn things weren't exactly fitted out prior to scrapping, the guns were allocated to the Army and they found their bits there, the 340mm guns being used as rail guns (to those that rage at rail guns being impractical, its actually a very sound idea of artillery that can roll around in tracks since the only thing thats limiting the accuracy is the rails themselves. you cant traverse the cradle the gun is on like a warship turret but you cant deny the fact that being shelled by a big ass caliber battleship gun on traincar is outright scary), the 139mm guns were crammed to coastal turrets and some should be reportedly used by the army as their better field artillery. Seriously, for guns built within 1910-1915, they've got good reliability to still be firing even in WW2 when those that do have them, especially how the Germans 'borrowed' some, used em to degrees. The quad gun turret is basically a big ass turret with a thick divider that separated each pair since the reasoning for that was, apart from saving weight, the prospect of cramming more dakka on a battleship without compromising weight or structural integrity, if either starboard or port pair were to be incapacitated but the turret itself can still traverse, it wont lose all its firepower in a single direct hit... well... at least that was the prospect since this quad turret concept practically being 2+2 any way you look at it went on to post-dreads like Dunkerque and Richelieu. If you want quad turret that was there, the KGV's attempted that.



Cue Victor Frankenstein shouting "live! LIIIIIVVE!".


Sadly, they actually floated out but were too late to see any extensive action, let alone the glorious commissioning and fitting out that culminated in the shakedown cruise because if they did, THIS would probably be queuing up with them on how to git gud@battleships:




The Austro-Hungarian Tegetthoff dread (I'm lazy to info raid about this ship tho) which would have proven to be a real troublesome thing had she faced sheer combat.


Jokes aside, I wish the players who unleashed their inner artscum a good luck and to those that want to have a hand in painting French girls, why not give it a go?



morinaga Richelieu for motivation (seriously, the artist makes shipgirls into goddamn models)


Derp.exe -debug -modredact has now crashed.

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