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OK, I've been around for a while, but I sometimes have trouble interpreting some of the language used in the forums. Mostly, a good google or analysing the context from repeated usage gets me by - but I'm afraid I have to give up on 'fishing division'. I have a few ideas, but I never play in divisions or clans and I still can't quite get the meaning. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me, thanks :Smile_smile:

I'll probably get stuck on others too, so I'll post any new requests to this thread.

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Fishing division usually means a division of three players picking ships at high tier which complements each other's weaknesses and have good synergy with their strengths. They can defeat a random team of total strangers hands down with their super efficient plays and farm on even very good solo players.


Especially done with ships having radar, or a CV with two other high aa ships, or a DD to provide smoke screen etc.


In a fishing div, players are individually good already, and when they coordinate via voice comm and know each other's play style for a long time, they literally roflstomp random pubbies.

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