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Improving the installer, and reducing the installation size

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So I was told to reinstall wows to get HSF and ARP to work after the fail patch of 0.6.13. I uninstalled and promptly proceeded to wows asia main page. I clicked on the installer, which installed the new wg game launcher before allowing me to choose the option of installing wows. 150mins later, the game is still downloading and installing... upon further scrutiny, the game seem to download itself in patches, eg it says installing and beside it will indicate xxx MB remains to be download.

Personally, 17GB for download and 43GB installed seems ridiculous to me. Games used to be not requiring more than a 4.7gb installer which expands to 10GB upon full installation. Instead of releasing more cash ships and more lines of ships, I feel that the game code should be optimised first.

Just my 2cents.

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1 hour ago, cplbao said:

43GB installed seems ridiculous to me


Delete the contents of the update folder. It should be a 30GB game folder.

And as far I recall before, what's actually big are the ship models per tier, battle maps, sounds, etc. You can see them in the World_of_Warships\res_packages

Talking about optimizing them, that's up to WG Lesta Studio if they can procure some ways to make it smaller. 

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even with vanilla launcher u need to download almost 5 gigs for main engine client

and another around 9-10 gigs for sdcontent which contain models and textures

and it expanded into around 30 gigs installed 


u can delete those in "updates" folder after u finnished installing to save some space. (yes. this is the folder where all file u download stored in)

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to speed up a re-install - copy the /updates to another location.

Start the installer and let it do the initial configuration, once the launcher opens up and starts to do it's thing, stop it.

copy the /updates back in.

restart the launcher, this will use the files you copied into /updates first and the grab anything else it needs.

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