US CV Changes Suck

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Just now, legionary2099 said:

I feel like my Int stat just dropped a lot when i read your comments. When 10 people tell you the damn same thing , better think again and think why people tell you so

go read my other post i was salty when i made this

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13 minutes ago, unknownaussie said:

Airing your Pms on a public thread is just silly as for my thread go read my new one mate and honestly your threats are just meaningless grow up 

1, if i wanted  to "air " your PM, i would just post tghe screenshot, like this


but i dont for internet decorum


2, i wouldnt waste my time on a CV thread because i know i dont play CVs and as such i cant talk from the pov of a cv player. what really grinds my gears is people like you who post unconstructive shit and pollute the forums


3, i dont need to "grow up", all i need to do is to poke a mod and all my problems goes away, with you. 


wasteing my time on long internet hissyfits would be childish

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