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World of Warships Blitz 0.9.0 Updates Review

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Opinions on after 0.9.0 Build In version updates:

General review of 0.9.0 Build in versions, the updates of 0.9.0 is not quite what we all expected due to some bugs from previous 0
8.1 remain intact where the Platoon bug still there, SFX Issues still delayed, UI still load slow in harbour and now there a new bug which is whenever there latency issues once you reconnect the both team indicated what type ships icons will disappear and display 14 enemy CV icon where show 1 is alive and the rest of it is sunk. However there still some bugs such as Name and ship icon disappear in the battle and Smoke issues on destroyer's too. However they did fixed some main important infrastructure which is the Global chat. The global chat is working fine compared to previous where the global chat keep having issues on the timing reported. Languages is up also where Captain's are allwoed to change into different languages and when you changed it the game Info's and voice plus character sound will change too. Personally I will recommend Japanese because it make you like battle in a real naval warfare and also it hype you more into the gameplay.

However the main part of this updates was the Krigesmarines Light Cruiser / Heavy Cruiser (CL / CA) Line coming out. Which was reallyva positive to lots of Captain's mainly thanks tol the fast rate of fire of it main turrets and also it's sonar skills to detect enemy torpedo withins it range. Also there was a buff on the battleships accuracy by decreasing the dispersions the shells and a nerf on Aircraft Carrier in its Bomb damage on enemy ships. Now  will overpen a ship and cause little which compared to last time it different as we all know aircraft carrier are a little too overpowered in it tiers and enemy Destroyes will have a hard time to play on it but now it much better for destroyer's Captain's.

The 0.9.0 still possess 0.5.0, 0.5.7, 0.6.0, 0.7.0 and 0.7.3, 0.7.4 Co-existing bugs and 0.8.0,0.8.1 bugs too so.

Firstly: Co existing bugs from 0.5.0-0.6.0

The current bugs will still be the resupply in teamup when if you teamed up in a battle and you accidentaly minimized or close the game app then you reopen it and you went into a battle, the supplies on there will not be resupplied and you will need to close the game and reopen inorder for the resupply to work fully well.

Secondly AI Capability

The bots are too overpowered in sometime especially the high tier, as part top3 for your Top Destroyers dmg and Total overall dmg, the bots in high tier are way too overpowered especially their accuracy keep aiming you especially when you are a tier8 IJN DD and which is slow, weak in armour and also torpedo take too long to reload.. Perhaps nerf the bots accuracy down a little and also remove their habit of turning 180 or 360 suddenly in the midsea or near the islands, sometimes i think bots are more overpowered then some froobs players here. As for tier8+IJN DD they could sure get a new skills called Torpedo Reloading I since 0.5.7 the Yuugumo have it and you guys removed at 0.6.0 which i wonder why? When the game is 5min30secs only but torpedo reloading is 45secs which is not even enough to strike all. 

Thirdly: Internet Latency Issues

The current major problem is where some playerbase have bad internet while some have the best internet however the major flaw towards this is the bad latency players could damage or sunk a good latency players due to in his screen his not moving and so on they could abuse that function. I had literally getting bombed during middle of sailing, torpedoed or get sunk when there no ships or plane near my side sometine even sunl at 7km when the ship or planes is 8km. So i wanna suggest bad latency players should be disconnected out from battle Immediately if not this bring unfair to us especially the one who got the good latency playerbase.

Fourthly: AFK, Trolling and Fail Platoon players

There been a increasement of players intentionally AFK during the battle and we already had seen some of it before so we know who they are and suggest kindly please disconnect them if they do that and give them penalty too for doing that. As for trolling we have players who love to troll at other ship where it block it own ally torpedos or keep pushing them until they miss all and lastly fail platoon where we seen tier4 in tier6 matches and tier5 in tier7 matches with the fail of platoon froobs.

Lastly, change the ingame comminications commands especially when come to domination mode where we need base tagging command and also attack / retreat, capturing, follow me, reloading commands same like WoTB have the current commands are kind of useless. Anyway that all from me and hope to see a better updates in the near future.



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