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USN CV line NERFS in "Versatility"

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when i see WG will remake the USN cv line i have a sigh of relief that the USN cv will get a buff when i see the note i was disgusted i see that the loadout of the planes were 1-1-2?? i wondered how i was suppose to do with 1 fighter group? VS the IJN MASSIVE air power with 2 or 3 fighters groups or in tier 7 ranger VS the saipan already OP broken status with 2 groups of tier 9's planes(fighters) or worst 3 on it if you engage a fighter groups in the other side of the map over to the other side a massive strike groups is coming right at yah or your allies how am i suppose to do then i dont have any available fighter groups on the air like in the 2-0-2 set up which i can divide my fighters evenly i cant even this they said buff in "versatility" to me its just 1 massive nerf on versatility. soo plz WG dont nerf it anymore us USN CV players are struggling enough to play in this under powered ships you guys make it even harder for us to play it 

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