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Conditions on Matchmaker

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I like to suggest that add condition on the matchmaker on Random Battles such as 'There shouldn't have match with less than 5 players on each them'.


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It’s rare.  If you’re playing at times where there is a low pop then MM will inevitably bork out so you do at least get a game rather than sitting in an endless queue

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How about you include the time (server time) you play this battle?


I think it's time to propose this:

As a player, I am opting to jump out of the queue if the found match is less than 5 players per team in random battle.


My idea is a pop-up message to call for a vote by 10 or fewer players to continue.

A simple "Aye" or "No" vote. If there is a "no" of the voting, the match should not bother to continue & they are all simply kicked out of the queue.

Players during voting are given 10 or 15 secs to cast their vote, an abstention is equivalent to "no".



- No need to call a vote if the found match has 6 or more players per team


draft UI design:



In case of player is Alt + Tab'd out & browsing while waiting for the match, WoWs tab in taskbar should be highlighted & play simple sound when called for voting.


Created a separate thread for this: 


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OP gave me an idea to formally propose it and I keep editing my post for the better! D:
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