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Premium CV poll results

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Original thread can be found here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/142121-premium-cv-poll/

Original poll can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/2Ci4shG4fdWEUp7A3



The following results are the results of a player-run poll distributed among the NA forums, Asia forums, and r/worldofwarships.  The results are not endorsed by any other party except for myself, including Wargaming, Reddit, or any of the developers.  As this was a player run poll, I open up my results to any analysis that any players, developers, and/or outside observers would like to make.  I expect to be accused of vote manipulation.  These results are not guaranteed to influence Wargaming in any way.  i am also not an AP Stats student.  If you spot an incorrect assumption, please show mercy.  Thank you.


Introduction and Methodology.


The following results below are the results of the poll linked above by myself.  This poll ran from 8 Nov 2017 to 12 Nov 2017.  The poll collected 141 responses during this time.  I will be using data from only this poll to determine which Premium CV is seen as the most broken.  Results were compiled into Excel and were formed into charts.  This poll's analysis will be much lighter than last time because the poll was much simpler and shorter.  


Key Terms

Broken: means the way it works is inherently toxic and needs an overhaul.


Data Results

Do note the data can be accessed by the link @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSesRA8iu8cYpsi6hs6Uwk44JqQ-WvE5nWTdho7ddZcNlxDMrQ/viewanalytics





With these numbers open, we can begin the analysis.  In the first chart, 28% of those who responded owns a Saipan.  About the same amount of people don't own a Saipan.  The fact that 28% of people own a Saipan makes the poll unbiased enough because it uses results from both those who do and those who don't own a Saipan.  However, this number isn't very controversial on its own.  


When we get to the second chart, we can see that 57% of those who participated believe the Saipan is the most broken premium CV.  The large majority makes it impossible to dispute that the Saipan is clearly seen as the most broken CV.  We can sit around all day and discuss that, but moving on we see that the Graf Zeppelin is the second most broken CV in the eyes of the community.  However, there are only 24% who believe it is broken, making the Saipan the clear winner.  



The combination of the Saipan being the most owned and the most broken CV in the eyes of the community is not a coincidence.  In fact, people probably bought the Saipan because it is able to abuse strafe mechanics.  There are two conclusions that one can glean walking away from this one.  First, that the Saipan is in fact the most broken CV in the eyes of the community.  Second, that I won't have to make a separate poll and analysis on why the Saipan is broken because it was already done here.  Thank you to all that participated.  Feel free to pick apart my results and show everyone why my methodology is wrong.  

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Good job with this! :Smile_medal:

The Enterprise seems to be the only well-balanced Premium CV.

Saipan is obviously broken, and Kaga only seems balanced in the sense that she is OP in certain situations and UP in others.

Graf Zeppelin is unfinished and WG is still having trouble fixing lol. :Smile_facepalm:

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