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Fire support mission idea?

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Hello, I'm just an another waiting applicant for CBT :D


I was thinking about an idea to implement fire support mission in WoWS game mode. I mean, as many people know, tremendous fire powers of warships played great role in amphibious assaults of WW 2.(Even a destroyer's guns did crucial part at the Omaha beach!)


So, I guessed, maybe this game mode can be fun; one team takes a role of attacker, and the other team poise as a defender. The attackers must eliminate variable ground or air(?!) targets in a limited time to win. The defenders should disrupt that. Adding amphibious assault ships(AIs) to attackers also can be interesting. Overall, I want to reenact some great landing operations over Philiphines and Iwo Jima.


Surely, there will be many issues on this game mode. Like, hitting the AIs aren't fun(but enemy team's gonna try to crush you while you are doing that!), balancing, etc. But I think it is possible that this mission get people to more mission-oriented, making game more fast-paced. If your enemies don't want to engage you and keeping on their 'Stat farming' or survival, you can simply eliminate all 'targets' and end a match quickly.


At this stage, getting new ships and maps for PVP is a very important task. But I believe keep squeezing ideas about new game modes is also valuable. I hope CBT players make out some great ideas to improve the game.

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