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who have this genius IDEA?


finally... we can get revenge to memetaur.....

1. stronk plane

2. massive hangar, shot my plane and i still have 100++ !

3. 2x6 LOLpedo? do you have AADF Memetaur? GWAHAHAAHAHAHAA

4. AP bomb.... ough 


bet me 10 peso

there will be a new damage record 1.000.000+


at least now IJN strike Hakuryu wont be afraid of  4/2/2 or 3/0/2....since everyone better play strike

btw, REMOVE IJN AS Loadout? or Keep it? 




so you are BB captain? DD? DONT WRRYYY! we got solution!


"play CV"


find up ^



Political title. Locked. User warned.



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