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hey I need some tips playing bogue, so far my experience with bogue is bad, people get angry at me when I can't do damage to enemy ships when I use AS loadout, people get angry at me when I use strike loadout because I can't achieve air superiority and report me then tell me to go use AS loadout. people get angry at me when I use stock loadout because I can't intercept 2-3 enemy squadron at a time and sometime tell me to go use AS loadout. but I don't like AS loadout I want to be relevant to the game I want to kill some ship too not flying fighter around spotting ships/torps and left click enemy squadron

people blame me for everything here is some example

'wtf cv y u no intercept' (3 squadron from ryujo 1 of them is a fighter)

'cv why didn't u strike that bb?'(that bb is texas)

'noob cv no spot'(dd in smoke but atleast I spot torps for my team)

i admit i made some mistake too such as letting all my squadron strafed or let zuiho strike my teammate but i think im not bad or amazing at the game, I know what to do as a cv I have some experience on my old account 1-2 yrs ago

I really need some advice, I don't want people to be angry at me.

Thanks you 



this is what people say to me when they realized I'm not AS bogue








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