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Exception Access Violation

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1. Description - Game crashes after clicking 'Play' button

2. Reproduction steps - Open game launcher and click 'Play' button

3. Result - When I click the 'Play' button the game crashes and displays an error message.

4. Expected result - I expect he game to start

5. Technical Details - First occurred mid-game 11:15 Sydney time last night. Game crashed mid battle. Since then game has crashed when attempting to start last night, this morning and this afternoon. Screenshot of error message attached. All other game working correctly. Python.log and DXDiag at the following links. I'm paying for premium time so I'd like a resolution as soon as possible 






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I am also facing the same issue since 0.6.15 until today (21/01/18).

Everytime at the first connection, I get this. And I have to reboot my pc.

Quite annoying.

I was hoping 0.7.0 would fix it.

WG please clean your patches, as this issue happen only with Wows.

Thanks in advance.

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@Yzerdunn @BzhPunisher_2016


Try deleting  prefrences. XML  in the main WOWS game folder (move it out of there if your worried, then you can put it back) 

The game will make a new one when it starts again, the only thing is you may have to reset your ingame settings (ie. Resolution, graphics settings etc) 


If you cant see it there, then its being hidden as a system file, so get your windows to show hidden files..... 


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