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Clan Looking for Members (All people welcome)

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Just a clan that is looking for new members and everyone is welcome! :D


The clans abbreviation is "PGSA". This abbreviation stands for "Pivital Ground, Supportive Artillery"


The clan is english speeching and is just about having fun with everyone. I just request that you dont go away from the game for to long (or please leave a notice) as i dont want people who no longer play to take up slots <3 hope you understand


I also have made a discord and that will help with contacting me (the owner), talking to other people through voice chat, and just keeping me up to date if you have to go for an extended time.

the discord server is here: https://discord.gg/uGQMS8E


I hope to see you in the clan!

have fun and enjoy the game!


Duplicate clan recruitment thread. Thread locked. User warned.



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