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Smoke Detection Range for DD's

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I've had 4 games so far with this Smoke adjustment and i can see signs of the new Meta.


Last game i was in my Tirpitz and was spotted by a Shima from God knows where, and then i got hit by a Gearing who was firing out of smoke. Now i was around 13 or 14km away from it and with a 2.7km detection even getting close to it would lead me into a torp strike. Shima stayed undetected until the Gearing ran out of smoke and then the rolls reversed. 


So it seems that this is the new stealth fire mechanic back again, and there is pretty much nothing that can be done to retaliate. Yes cruisers will probably have the same issue, but they will be able to Radar, Hydro or just chase into smoke, but as a Battleship - i guess we just have to endure more HE spam.

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Still fine i guess, the change do stop bb from hiding their fat butt inside dd smoke which is the intended change.

Havent tried Miku in the current version yet, will talk later bout it.

Btw , spotting des moines inside smoke from 8km away is a god send :)

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