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100% Respec Discount! [UPDATED: 18 Oct]

Looking to recalibrate your Commanders? Get a whopping 100% Discount to respec your Commanders and demount modifications from 18/10/2017 19:00 (UTC +8) through 23/10/2017 19:00 (UTC +8)

Why the Discount? 

We understand that many Commanders are used to a particular meta, and it quite likely will shift in Clan battles due to a different set of rules. That is why we decided to make the following adjustments: You'll be able to redistribute Commanders’ Skills and dismount all of the ship modifications for free. This is time sensitive however:  Wednesday through Monday (18 Oct. - 23 Oct.) after Update 0.6.12 lands.


Update 0.6.12 

Maintenance Start: 19/10/2017 @ 05:00 UTC+8
Maintenance End: 19/10/2017 @ 07:00 UTC+8



While this is nice and fine and dandy and all, but there is one mistake. As of today it is the 18th October and the 0.6.12 update is due to hit on the 19th of October, one day after the start of this Respec event. Im not gonna be too picky because Respec is easy and can be done in one day. I'll gloss over this one.


But when i logged in today, I was hoping to get started with Stage 3 of the Otk. Revolutsiya as it is a public holiday and I am free. But I could only find the 1 week damage challenge under my combat missions and not REVOLUTION IS MY NAME Stage 3. WHAT GIVES, Are you trying to cheat me out of a day of grinding where normally i would be working?! I hope to at least see compensation for this. Time sensitive my arse.


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The mission doesn't roll over until 1400 UTC+8, same as the previous stage.

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