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Hi Y'all,


I want to double check the formula before doing the math on something I think I've seen in the game.

What I want to double check is the pen damage from Battleships on their shots.

HE and AP Pen shots are 1/3 of the max damage? Correct?

HE and AP overpen shots are 1/8 of the max damage?  Correct?


Thanks in advance y'all, it'll help with some math I want to do.  

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I believe over pen is 1/10th and HE can't overpen. Both types of shells also can shatter if they don't manage to penetrate which tends to happen to HE more.

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It is important to note that HE explode on contact with a surface with a splash radius , which mean near miss can still do damage , or deal damage to modules within blast radius. It can not overpen due to if it penetrate a surface , it explode immidiately. RN BB HE shells are notorious for its ridiculous blast radius that can maul a lot of modules. HE also doesnt care about angle, it is just raw armor value vs shell penetration power ( usually caliber/6 , but can be caliber/4 for someships)

Also important to note is that AP penetration do 33% of listed damage , overpen do 10%.

 Some RN ships , including most of its light cruisers get short fuzed AP , making them less prone to deal overpen , but at the same time harder to inflict a citadel since the shell explode too fast.


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