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[STEIN] Steinles Steel recruiting!

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The [STEIN] Steinless Steel clan is now recruiting! Our clan is now much more active and I am now the commander of the clan :hue: we are just a bunch of casuals who want to win some matches and have fun in the game, we will be participating in clan wars and we are actively trying our best to make the Naval Base as good as possible (currently have BB dock built, future construction already planned) we want everyone in the clan to enjoy being a part of it, without pressure to carry and do 3k base XP every game

Now onto the requirements :D

1. Must be an active player with a discord account (long leaves can be excused for good reasons)

2. Must own at least 1 tier 10 ship (or tier 9 is fine too I guess heh)

3. Must have a Winrate of higher than 52% (exceptions can apply)

4. Must be a sociable person that can communicate with others in a friendly manner

5. Must be someone who obeys in-game rules and regulations, that means no cheating or constantly being rude in general chat

I'll add anything else I think of but that's it for now


PM me to join :3 (or send request in game that works too hue)


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3.too high


5.sound like :etc_hide_turtle:

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