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Monarch review

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I have just finished my Monarch grind, and want to make a little review about this ship.

Monarch is often considered a meh ship, and I do agree, she isn’t fun to play.

Monarch in a few lines

-While at 136,080DPM she still bests the T8 BB HE spam competition, Amagi with her 130,000 doesn’t lag behind much, and she is much inferior to her predecessor KGV (146,400DPM and higher chance of fire). The advantage over Amagi is that her HE ballistics is fairly good, without Amagi’s unfavorable HE wind drag.

-Her AP has good DPM, slightly higher than the previous top Amagi. But her AP, as I quoted in a prev thread, has the worst penetration of the tier.

-Dispersion is fairly good, better than Bismarck, but not really tight.

-Armor is fair. IIRC only got one or two citadel off my 85games in her. But she takes some rather heavy AP penetration when facing high tier guns. The exception being her own 381mm which can have a hard time penetrating her belt.

-Protection against HE is horrible. In fact she along with Kii has the worst protection against HE. NC has 37mm deck, Amagi has a really big TDS bulge that eats HE(and AP) for breakfast, Bismarck has 50mm deck and upper belt to protect her from HE spam. And Monarch gets nothing.

-HP is low, and she does NOT have special repair. So carefully manage your HP pool and avoid getting spammed.

-Concealment is exceptional. At 10.9km she is the best of high tier BBs.

-Maneuverability is good.


IMO the play style of this ship should be a transition between normal BB and HE spammer. She is a good introductory ship for those who held the belief that AP is the choice for BB.(also her ballistical characteristics marks her the transition ship, having fast MV but high drag means ballistics similar to other BBs, while Lion and Conqueror with their low MV but very low drag has very high ballistics) In Monarch one still needs to use AP for most of the time, but still trying out HE on necessary occasions is good. Try to maximize your caliber advantage, let overmatch and normal penetration do the damage, don’t expect to citadel BBs (while it is possible and  in one closed in battle occasion I did citadel a Montana). She works best when at the top tier, troll low tier BBs with your 32mm bow and wreck them with 381mm. Her efficiency gets reduced when uptiered, but that’s when your concealment comes useful. Position yourself between normal BBs and CA/CLs who did not forget their duty of supporting DD. Actively hunt lightly armored targets like DD and some CA/CL, and use your HE when you are against BBs. When you find yourself threatened, get concealing.

She isn’t fun to play with, but is good for your transition into Lion, and can be very competitive.

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Its one of the "meh" ship in the line

however since The rest of the line is OP compared to their peer. it would make this ship just mediocre



T8 have great BB, that kinda unique on their own way

this one IMO doesnt.

Playstyle somewhat similiarly to NC, but NC gun is like 10 times better


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