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You need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section.

IJN BB after Fuso, are they good?

Best BB Main Gun?  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. ()

    • Yamato
    • Montana
    • Grosser Kurfurst 406mm
    • Grosser Kurfurst 420mm
    • Conqueror 419mm
    • Conqueror 457mm
    • Henry4

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just wonder, Fuso got 6x2 main gun with T6 MM. its like having Susano'o with unlimited mode....

Fuso main gun is insane, citadel is easy and no DD can dodge accurate 12 shell. i dont ask about Fuso, but how good is IJN BB after Fuso? 


is that Nagato good? 4x2 main gun only?

Izumo.... they said you just need to free XP it, how crap is Izumo?

how good is IJN main gun compared to other BB in term of accuracy, DPM, and mostly GG overpen?


or i should stop at Fuso and play another BB line?

at the T10, what is the BEST BB in term of MAIN GUN FOR DELETE ANOTHER SHIP?

(i dont ask anything else, just main gun)


Yamato get biggest caliber, tight shell but only 3x3 and insane slow turret

Montana get pesky 406mm, dunno about accuracy, but 4x3 and somewhat faster turret

Grosser Kurfurst, got 420mm but 2 sec reload more, fastest traverse speed for Yolo, got 4x3 but they said its accuracy crap... how crap?

Conqueror, got 4x3 419mm with decent traverse speed and BUUURRRN. the other option is 457mm but only 4x2 what the heck with 63% burn chance. the question is how good is accuracy and shell tight......


and lets see another factor to add :

Yamato got Isoroku Cat and Isoroku Yamamoto, Yamamoto got kraken buff and make the main gun more insane [i dont have yamamoto yet, is that campaign permanent?]

Montana got the awesome Steven Seagall that have better expert marksman and useless change ammo buff

Conqueror got Jack Dunkirk..... same expert marksman as Steven Seagall but with older face and sad face

Grosser Kurfurst got Hans Reinholdt who just average commander


- consider Conqueror spam HE too.....


alright lets discuss, 

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Not so sure about this poll , i got the feeling that there is a hook and a wire somewhere ready to pull.

Firepower wise nothing beat the Yamato in terms of overall raw penetration , accuracy damage per shell.

The best broadside weight and pen angle is held by Montana , but Montana struggled to pen angled battleship.


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Are they good? O.o ........... 

Nagato is "The Battleship" - and that holds true for both her historical self & ingame depiction/characteristics. Just to put things into perspective, "Yamato" with her fancy things popped like a balloon from torps & bombs. Nagato took a nuclear blast and remained in working condition, and pfft Castle Bravo caliber blast. 

In game, lets say when judged by their respective tier,

Nagato - Outguns Colorado before it gets in its effective range, makes British BBs look like Swiss Cheese, and usually treats Gnei like a pesky DD or a harmless Otter.

Yamato - While boasts the range on paper, wont be able to utilize it to destroy its peers before their effective range (like Naga does to Colo). And is definitely going to get outplayed by monty due to lack of guns and moblity even with the overmatch advantage. GK, once its within 13-14ish KM will probably enlighten Yamato what a BB's endurance is... and about conqueror.... I don't know since I haven't played it yet, ..

Oh and about AMAGI? O.o... its the iPhone among android flagships. ;) . Rest I leave to your imagination. 

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1 hour ago, devil667 said:

Oh and about AMAGI? O.o... its the iPhone among android flagships.


You mean selling old technologies as new cause the user base never heard of those? Adding paper ship (since they removed hull A which was the real one) among all the very real big boys.

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[151ST] S4pp3R 197
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Fuso is forgiving owing to her 12 guns and her dispersion at range is surprisingly good.

Nagato is less so.
You get bigger guns but less of them so often in your first 5-10 matches you will be swearing because you are used to reliably hitting someone at 20km.
Nagato also isn't as tanky for her tier comparing her to Fuso.

However Naga-chan is a great BB and once you get used to her, she performs excellently. You also get tier 7 matchmaking (usually top tier or only uptiered to 8).

I found after ~10 matches I had adjusted my play style to suit her and was getting decent scores fairly often (70k+)


Amagi is... interesting.
The only real weakness of the Amagi is tier 8 matchmaking.

She has trollish armour, good guns (I found them slightly less reliable than Fuso's) but she has great speed.

I've unlocked the Izumo, however not bothering until after CB season (my clan has too many BBs as is).
I still play her though as she still performs quite well at tier 10 if you aren't stupid.

She was so good that I bought the Kii because of how much I enjoy playing her. (Kii is like a more sluggish Amagi).


Izumo from what I've heard/read is a mixed bag.

Some people can get really good results with her but some don't. Her turret config more often than not leads you to ignoring her 3rd turret.

Having played against her a lot, you don't want to show broadside of your front half - very easy to citadel. You want to angle better than I see others do and that may involve not firing your 3rd turret as often as your superfiring front 2.
Her dispersion can leave a little to be desired, however when she hits it REALLY hurts.

WASD (particularly WS) are key as you don't want to have to turn and show broadside to any tier 10 BB (which you will inevitably see every match).


Yamato is purely the guns...
Yamato is accurate as all hell and she can pen anyone and any angle at any range. Angled Zao? Don't care, wipe 50-75% of her HP.

Basically Yamato can overmatch/pen everything, as such she is a monster.
She is weak to fires and isn't immune  to citadels, so like the Izumo often you will ignore the 3rd (rear) turret. Careful use of WASD (again WS) will keep you in an optimal position.

Spec camo and laugh as you are invisible in between shots, allowing you breathing room to reposition.


Basically, the IJN BB line is great up the tiers, with Izumo probably generating the most frustration. Personally I'll play her and not skip her as I believe every 'bad' ship can teach you something and those lessons make you a better player. (Except the T-22 without a concealment Captain - that thing is just horrible. Seriously V-170 and Gaede are nuts, T-22 feels like it's missing hydro IMO...)

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So far I have finished grinding Japanese, German and American BB lines. I'd 100% recommend you to grind the Japanese line first as they are consistent (no massively worse ship after t5) and their characteristic (good accuracy + hard hitting guns) fit the camping meta of Asia more than other lines. I rushed through the line to Izumo during my newbie days and their stats are still pretty decent compared to other lines I played long after with a lot more experience.


Nagato: superb penetration + good accuracy + fairly maneuverable. Your firepower is really good even against t9 ships. Pretty squishy against 380mm+ AP shells and HE spam but it's a trade-off. Only Gneisenau/Scharnhorst can be considered tanky at t7 but they have a big flaw in firepower.


Amagi: my favorite BB in the game - a very balance mix between survivability and firepower. 


Izumo: probably the worst ship of the line but it's playable still. Very reliable guns so you'll be able to carry games where your teammates fail to deal their share of damage. The main weakness is bad concealment - which forces you to position much further away than in other BB if you don't want to get HE-spam'd to death because of the 2nd weakness - 32mm plating all over the ship.


Yamato: it is still great and extremely easy to play. People usually mention 460mm as sth that can overmatch 32mm of t10 BB bow/stern armor but its more popular and better use is the ability to overmatch 30mm plating on most t10 cruisers. Makes you much more dangerous to HE-spammers like Zao/Hindenburg/Henri IV than other BBs. Main weakness is slow turret traverse + weird citadel shape so it's difficult to brawl against more than 1 BB or another Yamato. One thing to note - the raised broadside citadel is not that much of a weakness in reality. It's only noticeable if you have to fight another Yamato. Yamato has ~410mm of citadel belt armor and they are around 20-30 degree angled so their effective armor should be 500mm+. IIRC, most t10 BB guns only have ~550mm of penetration power at 15km so you'll be able to shatter a lot of shells shot at your broadside by enemy BB 17km+ away. If they are closer, you should angle yourself properly anyway.

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3 hours ago, Skarhabek said:

thanks everyone, i have read your advice and its look like IJN BB is still decent to climb down. its look like i must have some free XP reserve in order if Izumo really bad.


+1 to everyone :V


thanks for advice bro

Good girl (Shark) :Smile_trollface:

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3 hours ago, Skarhabek said:

thanks everyone, i have read your advice and its look like IJN BB is still decent to climb down. its look like i must have some free XP reserve in order if Izumo really bad.


+1 to everyone :V


thanks for advice bro

no dont skip izumo, T9 is best tier for how to angle properly btw....

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3 hours ago, MatterCore said:

awesome bro (Shark) :Smile_trollface:

fixed it for you :V :cap_cool:


3 hours ago, Gesterbein said:

no dont skip izumo, T9 is best tier for how to angle properly btw....

i will play Izumo, but if after 20 match i am sux.... FREEEEE XPPPPPP

the angle is not problem, i am worried about its 3x3 XYZ configuration and its accuracy


anyway, you got +1 too :cap_like:


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