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View is stuck/fixed during battle.

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Issue:  During a match, at any random time, the game view will suddenly "freeze" in place with the player's ship sailing away.  Sounds still can be heard and player ship can bee seen sailing out of view. The issue does not rectify itself.  Try task-switching out and closing the application via the Task Manager Processes tab, then restarting the game to re-enter the match, in the hopes that might clear things up.  Problem persists, either happening just moments after the restart and participating in the match again, or immediately after re-entering the match.  Obviously, this renders the game unplayable. Once the battle is over, no ships can be seen in the main view of port. Trying to exist the game normally will fail and I have to use task manager to force close the app.


The issue occurs without mods (deleted all files in re_mods folder) or with mods installed.

No error or crash file is generated.

Have tried to perform integrity check


Result: The game is unplayable.


Expected Result:  The expected result is that this should not be happening.


How to Replicate:  No reliable way of deliberately replicating the issue other than playing normally and waiting for it to happen, which at this point seems to be only a matter of time.  


Technical details: Windows 7, GeForce 570, 16GB Ram

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Lower your graphic setting / change your music quality from Ultra(if u put it on Ultra) to either High or Low

It doesnt stop the freeze completely,only reduces significantly but it will recover from the freezes in split seconds.


My spec: window 10,nvidia gtx850m,8gb ram

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