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A salute to our gallant Super Testers.

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Greetings, Super Testers,


I would like to start this appreciation thread to you guys & gals, who supertest all of the ships, maps, terrains etc.


You donate your free time to do this sometimes ownerous task, & sometimes you test for hours at a time...


This needs to be recognised.


You have to do stupid actions sometimes, to test how the ship would handle, or let it flood, or burn, or run into islands to test reversing, or blue line, or jam the rudder, test different shells, sigma values....


Then do it all over again with signals, camouflage, to see the differences, then if things change you do it all over again from the top...


You may have to make reports to HQ, or recordings or lists, or do testing on a timer...


All of this, while enemies gawk at you, or teammates gawk, or you get shot at or torped, or bombed....

You also get to test the guns, & torps, & bombs, how good or bad they are, recommend adjustments, etc..


You suffer thirst from lack of coffee or beer, or hunger from lack of food, or numb bums for sitting for hours, or numb wrists from mouse usage, or square eyes, or blind eyes, dry lips, everything from sitting in front of a computer...:Smile_playing:



So I offer my heartfelt thanks & appreciation to you, our dear super testers, as I hope my fellow players will join me & do likewise,  you guys DO know what you are talking about, as you have been there, tested that, & I have never really seen any whingers that are super testers, that's best left to us guys (lol)


May you continue to perform your tasks admirably & well, & please know that your positions, whether on staff or volunteers, that you will always be as highly regarded as the War Gaming staff themselves...



I know you don't cheat, complain, take sides, stat bash, unduly criticize, Whinge, lemming, or camp...


You all do a Stirling job, & we salute you.




Thank you, Our Dear, Respected Super Testers




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1 hour ago, drakon233 said:

looks at the derp triple black smoke max range HE div and the ST that YOLOed in a GZ and.throwed cuz he was facing a skk



They were testing the effectiveness of the GZ's secondaries obviously. :Smile_teethhappy:

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