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I think that it would be a good idea that the oil a person wins and takes to a clan should remain their property. Reasons behind this being that if an argument breaks out between the player and the clan owner then the owner may kick the member out. If this happens the oil doesnt go with the person who won it but remains behind in a clan that he is no longer wanted in.. This oild could be used to assist his new clan to build. ( just my thoughts)


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Only Issue here - is the following


1. Oil isn't collected for an individual 

2. It's used for clan purposes only

3. The number of oil collected is used as a way within the clan to determine who's doing the right thing. 


I would agree with your suggesting if you personally used oil for something, but as it's purely a clan currency - I don't see it as being right. Mostly because as soon as you join 

another clan, you'll start earning oil for them. 


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