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Feedback for Mac client

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I played WoW for over a year now and recently started using my MacBook when my pc is unavailable. However I encounter one important issues that's affecting the gaming experience of the new version (6.10 to 6.11) The game constantly crashes in or out of battle (Mostly start of battle and in the middle of one, other times when I got sunk or simply at the battle result screen),  sometimes displaying an error message(The application encountered an expecting error) , other times it just flashes and froze or the entire screen turns blue. I'm currently running Mac os 10.13 but the same problem occurs with the older operating systems too. The problem is getting more serve in the recent weeks leading up to around 3 to 4 crashes each battle on any game mode, any ship and also every map. Not sure if the problem is from wine, the client or the operating system, but it is really affecting the game play and experience. 

Wish this can be fixed in the next Mac patch.




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I too have experienced the same problems. I'm reaching out here because WoW support suggested to as they don't fully support Mac. Not sure what that means 'don't fully support' but probably doesn't matter because the issue still remains. Not sure how posting here helps and whether WoW staff ever look here and decide whether it might be time to provide some support or work-around solutions to the whole DirectX9 issues. So here goes. Will be interesting to see if WoW choose to support Mac more than what they do. Maybe there just isn't the demand............

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very rare to see crashes with the current client. (well compared to how it use to be)  try the following

1.Make sure you have the current launcher from the asian server 2.0.16

2. Run a check game intergrity

3. Rebooting does help macs too

4. Full screen mode seems to help


the US server has a active posting, so book mark it. Doubtful you will see anything on the Asia forums


 hope that help



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