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QnA 16 (리더스 다이제스트)

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DDs vs. BB AP

Q1/3: How is work going on the new ballistic model (the one that will fix double pen damage and stop DDs from getting obliterated bu BB AP)? SOURCE

새로운 탄도 시스템은 어떻게 되가는가

A1/3: Prototyped and now being tested. The results we see are..pretty good for DDs, and there are even some effects on BB-BB combat (more in-class damage) but we need to make sure the same change won't be a nerf to cruisers - which is absolutely NOT the thing we need.

프로토타입으로는 완성되서 테스트중이다. 새로운 탄도시스템은 구축들에게 꽤 좋을것. 심지어 전함간 전투에도 영향을 끼칠것

Q2/3: Any word on the release of the Pan-Asia DDs? (just a rough timeline estimate)

범아시아 구축 출시날 알려줄수 있음?

A2/3: Well, right now, we need to production test two concepts of DW torpedoes (realistic draught-based and simplified, but more reliable and user-friendly class-based). 

I'd say, we need 2 major updates at minimum (including 0.6.11).

지금은 2종류의 심도어뢰를 테스트하고있는데, 아마 0611를 포함한 2개의 메이저 업데이트 이후 출시될것

Q3/3: When is the next ranked season going to start?

다음 랭겜 ?

A3/3: Probably later, not this year, because we're launching Clan Battles soon, and don't want such events to overlap, at least from the start.

아마 올해엔 클랜배틀이 예정되있어서 비슷한 이벤트가 겹치는건 싫어서 내년에 할듯.


USN CL line


Q: Just one question from me and that's about the infamous U.S Cruiser tree split. Is it next in line after the recent RN BB launch or is it pushed further down in favor of another line? (not asking to reveal more) SOURCE

미경순 분할, 영전 다음 출시될 테크트리인가 아니면 다른 트리 출시이후 계획되어있나?

A: No, it's not next. The next are PA DDs, and then, I believe, there will be at least one more new line. But the split is in the plans, and being worked on.

다음 신규 트리는 범아시아 구축이다. 그리고 그다음, 아마 새로운 테크트리가 하나 더 나올것이다. 그러나 분명 미경순 분할은 계획에 있고, 진행중이다.


Ranked Reward Ship

Q: are you allowed to give hints about the next ranked reward ship? SOURCE

새로운 랭겜 보상함?

A: I would hint it, but I don't know yet :D

힌트주고싶은데, 나도 아직 몰라


Stealth AA

은신 대공

Q:  Will Stealth AA ever be given the same treatment as Stealth Firing? Having your planes chewed up by ships you can't see is extremely frustrating. SOURCE

은신 포격 없앤것처럼 은신 대공질도 없앨수 있음? 함선은 안보이는데 자꾸 내 비행기들이 하나 둘 씩 사라짐

A: Yes. We know, and sorry for the bad experience. I cannot promise you the exact time, but it should be done around 0.6.13-0.6.14.

불편한 경험을 겪게 해서 미안. 언제 패치될지는 모르겠지만, 0613이나 0614 사이에 패치될거야



Q3/7: Ev1n spoke about, that in his opinion the Conquerer is probably in need of a nerf. What was the reasoning behind giving the RN BBs so over the top fire chance and HE Alpha DMG and how/why do you (WG statistics/game balance) think it'll break any 'Bow on' meta

Ev1n는 컨쿼러가 너프가 필요할것같다고 말했습니다. 왜 영전에 높은 번번띠와 높은 고폭 알파뎀을 줬는지와 왜 이게 헤드온 메타를 없앨것이라 생각했나


A3/7: I don't know whether we will have to nerf Conqueror, or other newly introduced ships at this early stage, when the playerbase is not settled. When we have solid 

data, we may apply some tweaks. The reasoning was that a ship should have a few strengths - and for UK BBs, HE shell is one of them, also fitting to the lore.

아직 컨쿼러와 같이 출시된지 얼마안된 함선들의 너프여부는 데이터가 충분히 수집되지않았기 때문에 결정되지 않았다. 충분한 데이터가 모이면, 조정이 들어갈것.


Q4/7: More and more people say (and I agree) that HE playing BBs remove the skill about aiming and ammo choice? How does WG incentivize players to work more for skill and ammo choice if plain HE spam works well enough for RN BBs?

고폭만 쓰는 전함들이 딱히 에이밍 실력이나 탄종 선택 실력들을 없애고 있다고 한다. WG는 어떻게 이 상황을 해결할 것?

A4/7: Maximum efficiency can be reached only when using appropriate ammo. And that's cool. Sometimes this rule does not work correctly - e.g., overall, BBs are too good with their APs against DDs - and that will hopefully be fixed. If someone wants to play AP or HE only, it's the choice that will work, but such player will do worse than the player who switches ammo depending on situation.

최고의 효율은 적절한 탄종선택에서 나온다. 물론 이건 모든 상황에 들어맞지는 않지만. 이 문제는 해결될것이다. 만약 어떤 유저가 고폭이나 철갑으로만 플레이하면, 탄종을 적절히 교체하는 유저보다 성적이 안좋을 것이다.

Q5/7: What was the reasoning behind banning T5 ships from the PvE operations?

5티 함선을 PVE 작전에서 못쓰는 이유는?

A5/7: This was a popular request, and overall, it was reasonable - one tier operations allows better balance.

단일 티어로 진행되는게 더욱 밸런스 있기때문.

Q6/7: Any ideas on what/how to expand the naval base? Both optical (moving cars, other visual stuff) and economical (small boosts or maybe a clan bank)?

해군기지 패치 방향? 움직이는 자동차등 비쥬얼적인 효과와, 부스트나 클랜 은행처럼 경제적인

A6/7: It's just been released. I think it's a bit early to elaborate on future plans.

출시된지 얼마 안된 시스템이다. 

Q7/7: Any chance Zao get's a small reload OR turret angle OR torp angle buff? Given that she has the lowest base reload of all T10s...

자오가 장전버프, 포각, 아니면 어뢰각 버프 먹을 가능성? 

A7/7: I don't think so, because Zao is doing good.



When do you plan on fixing extra damage from AP ricochets? SOURCE(extra sources in comment)

도탄 뎀?

A: The issue is documented, and should be resolved eventually. We need time for it, because it's quite rare and not always reproducable, but we consider it important. Sorry for the possible inconvenience caused by it, but at least we know about this one.



Q: Was wondering if you have any plans to release a premium KM DD. SOURCE

크릭스마리네 플미 구축 계획있음?

A: Yes, we do:-)


Q: Hi sub, we have just discovered that Graf Spee's repair party only heals 10% of the citadel damage as opposed to other cruisers which heal 33%. I wonder if that is intended? SOURCE

스피 힐은 다른 순양은 33퍼의 시타델 데미지 회복할 수 있는데 10퍼밖에 회복 못함?? 이거 의도된?

A: Yes. And thanks for the good question:)



Credit Sink

Q: Can you add a credit sink please? Maybe a special flag that costs a billion credits? SOURCE

돈이 너무많은데 쓸데가 없음. 조따 비싼 특별깃발 만드는건 없음?

A: 1. Buy Yamato. 2. Sell Yamato. 3. Repeat. Seriously though, it's not a problem for most players - there are lots of ships to research and upgrade. For now, there is no need for silver sink:)

1. 야마토를 산다. 2. 야마토를 판다. 3. 반복  이 짓을 하면 넘처나는 크레딧은 없어질것




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싸지방인 관계로 번역 안한게 더 많으니 더 자세한 QnA리스트는 본문 하단 레딧을 참고해주세요 :v 

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38 minutes ago, Ch0m1n said:

싸지방인 관계로 번역 안한게 더 많으니 더 자세한 QnA리스트는 본문 하단 레딧을 참고해주세요 :v 

군복무 중에도 열성적인 활동 감사드립니다. :)

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