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rework HMAS Perth and give her the credit she deserves...please

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Not the ship but the men maketh the difference!

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link broken,

Perth is by far my favorite ship to play, if i had to change anything after smoke changes would be the smoke reload,

if you run smoke mod you can have 2 minuets of moving smoke together with twin fighters and hydro its great. which is its selling point but if you are caught in the open or targeted by multiple ships your in trouble,

its best offense is also its best defense. otherwise when its on cool down you are a Leander with worse AA, Worse Citadel, and the ability to fire HE.


on a side note spotter plane is useless the AP doesn't have the penetration potential past 8km's and with out a heal like Leander BB shells hurt and any fire and flooding damage will stick,


With smoke consumable II cool down is 160 sec, would like to see 120 or 130?? so 2 mins up 2 mins cool down

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