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TLDR, naval BASE analysis

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Nothing can be earned if you are not in a clan



What is oil?

Oil is earned when you are in a clan and finish daily container tasks or missions

Oil belongs to the clan, it does not belong to you, so you cannot sell it

Oil can only be used to construct buildings by commander or deputy only

So oil gives you a normal players nothing, but it is very important to clan


(In the future patch, there will be new oil type that allow players within a clan to use)


Why clan needs oil?

Your clan can construct buildings.

The buildings provide you three types of bonus.




Usage Cost Total cost Comment
10% off servicing cost for different ship types Always use

4000 for DD

4000 for CR

5000 for BB

5000 for CV


Alright! Alright! Alright! 

Most cost effective among three bonus, it is more frequent to enjoy the benefit according to ship types

3% bonus to xp for different nations Selfdom use to Always use 2000 for each nation 14000

Not bad!

Unlock according to your clan's popularity on nation

(Ex: JP/US first)

10% off discount for purchasing different tier normal ships Selfdom use

50 for tier 5

200 for tier 6

1000 for tier 7

5000 for tier 8

Not available for tier 9 & 10 in 0.6.11



"If any other discount is active when the bonus is, they are not added together, but the larger one applies."

The discount does not stack with sales.

Useful only when you do not buy ships in sales, but why not be patient padawan




Join a clan

There are 3 types of bonus in clan navel base, which are 

10% off servicing cost for different ship types (very useful)

3% bonus to xp for different nations (useful)

10% off discount for purchasing different tier ships (it is a trap)




Opened a casual naval base clan [BASE] to try out the new stuff, no requirement,

apply ingame by seaching BASE in the ingame clan search 







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