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Just Curious

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sorry about this meaningless topic, but I'm just another curious wows captain-history buff-fan who just can't wait and have an itchy fingers

so pan-asian DDs are coming, so why not cruisers first like other nations?

I know there are some countries in asia that acquired cruisers after ww2

so is it possible for pan-asian to have a cruiser line? 

all I know is a leander class and a fiji class operated by Indian Navy, a dido class acquires by pakistan and the KRI Irian, Svedlord class acquired by Indonesia

there's also 2 etna class ordered by thailand from the Italian but not completed

so that can make a line from T5 to T8 maybe cheated their way to T9

but I doubt there's a chance to create an imaginary T9 and T10 as even 5 of 6 current wows countries have Imaginary T9 and T10 cruisers

so, pan-asian cruisers can be branched out like akizuki line ?!




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why Cruisers not first

just like VMFDD opened they didnt release cruisers first

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Oh geez I wonder why? Probably that's the development team's 2017 project roadmap which they did not mentioned in the video.

After all, we'll leave it up to the development team because they do the initiative, familiar with the challenges/issues on hand, decision making, and make it a reality.

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