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Saint Louis steering

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This morning:


First game. Get shot once by Kagero, steering wrecked. Damage control. Next shot of HE by kagero, steering out again. Now cant evade anything and I die.


Second game. First shot of match - HE from Roon at 17km, steering gone. Damage control. Second shot of match - HE from King George, ~16 km. Steering gone. Can't evade. Dead. 


Fun and engaging. Not. 


Yes, I am using the steering mod to try to mitigate this. It still gets knocked out at least once a match - usually more. 


This seems like a bug to me. It's not as if Saint Louis is overpowered with functional steering. It's a decent ship - but this is getting super frustrating. 

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quite a bit of IJN have this problem too but maybe you are running away or broadsiding too much lel

get preventative maintance it would help. Get rudder mod 3 and BoS for <10 seconds of rudder repair time. It gets to like 6-8 seconds I think

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Sometimes this game feels like it trolls hard, as the very thing you just repaired gets knocked out instantly the moment your damage control ends. Had a really bad run of steering getting knocked out in my Kamikaze once. Then again in Lo Yang. Another time my Atlanta had it happen for many games in a session. Changed my captain builds to include last stand in these ships so at least I can still have some turning ability.

It's just RNG. Hopefully it passes in a few games. It does usually for me.


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