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Clans and Clan Bases

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Obviously, there is 'Team Battles' ahead of us. One day it may even come back.....


How does this differ from Clans? As in, the Clan Bases announced recently.

Is there a difference? 

Because it looks to me like the cost of not joining one is going to be rather large, when it comes to Tier 7+ costs for post battle costs to ships, as well as what is needed for new ships.

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I don't think the costs will change from the current economy if you don't join a clan but IMO it seems WG wants to encourage as many players to be in a clan as possible because when they launch clan wars they're going to want players participating in that.

As far as clan battles go I expect it would be alot like WOT clan wars with territories to control on a map and clans will battle over control of these territories for rewards. With oil being a commodity in the game some territories will produce oil and others maybe produce doubloons, that's my guess.

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