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Can someone help me out for a bit..

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I've downloaded the updated Compressed textures 1% yesterday (September 17, 2017) here: https://world-warships.com/compressed-textures-for-world-of-warships/

My PC is a really slow one, and I've been playing everything in 640x480 resolution via editing the preferences notepad file in the main game folder (I've tested lower and it would stop there only), and it's really, really difficult to play as the map and other interfaces overlap the view. Not only that, 20 fps (around 15 fps average) is the best I can get with that extreme resolution reduction. So I looked for ways to at least play decent at 800x600 resolution, then I saw this Compressed textures 1% mod and downloaded an updated version for 6.10.1, read some general info on mod installation and watched this:

And so I extracted the mod contents inside 6.10.1 in the res_mods folder and it looks like this (also showing res_packages and res folder contents):


There's no paths notepad file in the mod, though. But the mod doesn't work. So I'm still stuck playing at 640x480 resolution with the autopilot icon right at the middle of my scope and the other interfaces blocking my view.

I am new to modding WoWs and I probably am just doing something wrong. But I noticed there are differences in my folders compared to the folder structure in the tutorials I've read. Am I missing something?? Or is it that mods are just in general banned nowadays, even the harmless textures mods?

Please, help.

Thank you and good day, everyone.


Duplicate Thread. Locked. User warned.


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