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British Cruisers and BBs. Are they worth it?

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I have the Cleveland, Konigsberg and Nurnberg. They flat out give me the best bang for my buck. I drive them like a big destroyer, hiding behind things then blazing away for a short time then hide then run and I have a lot of fun playing them. They all deal out a lot of damage even when running away and if I can broadside the opposition between islands without them landing too many punches, I can survive them more often than not. Have been last man standing a few times and managed to clean up even against two or three. I see them referred to as mobile citadels and they probably are.

So, I've tried going up a tier but it is way too expensive and I just get blown up. Nurnberg has more hit power per minute than anything else even in the higher tiers but they have range and disappearing powers so I just plain get blown up.

I have a heap of credits and free XP so I'm wondering about the British line. The numbers don't stack up against the three mentioned so my question is, are they worth the grind up to the ones that do have some whumpo? I also have the Fuso fully decked out and don't feel the need to go any further with that. Are the British BBs worth the grind?


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Regarding the British cruisers you'll find the Leander is the first one that really shines, and from the sound of it you'd probably like her. The others before her however aren't anywhere near as good, but you should be able to get through them ok.

The British BB line is a bit funny compared to the other lines. T3-5 are strong ships in terms of protection and HE ammo, but have weaker AP, slow turning turrets, and weak torpedo bulge. Queen Elizabeth at T6 is much like the Warspite if you've got that, except her AP, turret traverse and rudder shift isn't as good, but her HE and AA are slightly better. She's quite playable if you can get the hang of the slow turrets.

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Having a lot of fun in the British BB's and CL's. I do mainly play co-op though due to abysmal ping, so PvP experience may be a bit different.

RN CL's while fragile are very rewarding for the thinking player willing to put time into learning the playstyle. I really enjoyed the Tier 4 Danae, but yes the Leander is the first RN CL that shines through. I'm currently about 3/4 through the T7 Fiji grind. Also an excellent ship. Honestly if you can make the Nurnberg work you should be ok with the RN CL's. Having smoke is something the Nurnberg could use seeing as she is so fragile.

Lower tier RN BBs are a bit OP in my opinion. T3-5 you can easily citadel CL with your HE and do massive damage, not to mention the hilariously good fire chance. As mentioned decent armour but very slow turrets and weak torpedo protection coupled with weaker AP shells. T3-5 AA very underwhelming. All RN BBs T3-6 are a bit slow. KGV is the first with a decent turn of speed.

Queen Elizabeth is a bit of a change compared to the Warspite in all honesty. A bit odd seeing as she is the same ship. If I had a choice I would pick the Warspite. QE has slower rudder and a much worse turning circle. Slower turrets than the Warspites already slow buffed turrets. Like the Warspite also you will catch fire a lot due to big hard to miss superstructure. She does get the best AA suite at tier 6 I believe. Can be a bit of a no fly zone if optimised for AA. Main guns are glorious! Very tight groupings and very accurate. Very slow shells though. Only bizarre thing is I got occasional shatters at close range against other BB belt armour. Also I got overpens and shatters on 2 occasions in the same close range volley on a BB. Don't remember that ever happening on the Warspite. WG physics™ hard at work.

I'm at the KGV myself but have not played a single game due to only unlocking her yesterday.

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British BBs and CLs are very efficient at what they do. May not be pretty, one does non stop AP spam, another does non stop HE spam. But they are all good at dealing massive amount of damage or doing short work out of enemy ship who over-extends.



T1 is fantastic.

T2-T4 meh, hard to deal damage with.

T5 not bad but powercreep'd by MM

T6. T7 super duper fantastic

T8 not bad but powercreep'd by MM, can use RADAR, but not very effective

T9, T10 fantastic. can use RADAR, can absolutely smash CV gameplay, also good at dealing with most other ships.



T3-T5 duh, spam HE all day

T6 I heard its meh

T7 pretty good

T8 pretty meh

T9, T10 has uber heal, uber concealment, uber HE.


But, to do well, the UK CLs and BBs lines require a lot more skill than USN or IJN counterpart.

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RN Cruisers re fun, almost to the Mino atm, I've enjoyed all of them, play them like they're made of glass because they are, and it's fine. Being spotted and getting cliped on the edge for a 12k citadel is normal, best way to get AR to work early in the game :)

The entire ship appears to be made of an unarmored citadel filled with that liquid nitroglycerin they used to have in glass bottles in cartoons when I was a kid :), play accordingly, you get spotted and its like OMG IM SPOTTED!!! Game over man Game over... well almost :) 

Haven't played the BB's they appear to be easy mode OP from what I've seen and heard. 


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At the KGV atm, and i like her, but not getting very good games.


I unlocked my Minotaur last night and i actually find her a bit of a let down, Neptune i found myself more effective with. Maybe cos she is still new to me, but 1 win and 6 losses doesn't make me like her any better. 

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