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How to Monarch?

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I have just freexp'd Monarch and played my first game on her. The battle was nothing special, but I do find myself in need of advice on how to use her guns for maximum efficiency.

The main problem, IMO, with Monarch guns are

1. A downgrade from KGV in terms of HE. Monarch has 56,700HP/Salv while KGV, a tier lower, has 61,000HP/Salv. Both have a reload time of 25s, which means inferior DPM compared to the previous ship. Also, fire chance per shot is reduced compared to KGV.

2. Subpar AP performance compared to T8 rivalries. As I stated in my AP comparison thread, Monarch has the worst penetration of any T8 BB at any range. 


In practice, I fired a salvo at a Tirpitz, 15km 70deg. Two shells contacted Tirpitz' main belt, and both got non penetration. IMO that is not too far away and not well angled.

Other complaints about Monarch are also common, for example weak main belt, low HP and short range, but as I have quite some experience on RN CL, I want to try solve them myself.

The problem I now have is that

1. Is Monarch's HE powerful enough for frequent use (spam)?

2. If not, should I engage BB more or focus on the cruisers?

3. What is the optimal range of Monarch wrecking other BBs?


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