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[content removed] MM WORSE THAN EVER

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So played this game all day Saturday and guess what - not one win in PVP

What a waste of time. 

MM keeps putting me with a bunch of campers timewasters and the AFK toons who are just farming to sell accounts 

now all the troll testers can look up my winrate and make usless comments

Just remember you lose all the average players out of PVP and the blowhards won't have anyone but bots to shoot at and long queue times

WG pretty good at putting out new content in the PREMIUM SHOP

BUT absolutly shite at improving game play experience

2nd aniversary of nothing much better than day one

WG hasn't even bothered to place a "not elite/not premuim filter AFTER TWO YEARS

Warships BLOWS in PVP


Derogatory. Topic title edited, user sanctioned.


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you think you are alone?

i play solo winrate is bad everyday, play 10 win 1...what to do? just suck it up

fight ships 2 tiers higher fight div 2 tiers higher just the kinda thing for me everyday in this game

no point rant anymore at least to me, you me or wg cant change how players wanna play..just play and forget the rest probably the only thing you can do

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