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Insert moments when you tried your best but don't succeed here

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In PT, 21400+19500+17100, lost

I was in a radar Minotaur, my team had a dumbass Gearing and me for one cap, the enemy team has two Minotaurs and three DDs. The Gearing fed, and in a radar hydro combo, I killed three whole DDs. Those enemy Minotaurs knocked out my turrets five times and permanently destroyed one. Meanwhile on the other side of two brothers, the team fed.

Common PT stuff, all is well.

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And... FWIW I really suck in this ship making it that much worse. :(

the #facepalm continues.

PS, can't seem to get these images to link from Imgur. Any tips? 
PSS, congrats to the Shchors that suicide ram killed me securing his team's win. Almost had my rear turret ready to delete him too but... 



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